The Tricks Of The Pyramid Builders

The Surveying and Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids – by Eckart Unterberger

Transport der Decksteine über die Flanken

Previous methods and findings under discussion

My new methods and findings

The details are the lynchpin of every pyramid construction theory. In all the solutions discussed so far they have hardly been mentioned at all or they were responsible for the failure of the theory – for example, how were the heavy, 70-ton capstones of the burial chamber transported?

The capstones as well as the Pyramidion were hauled over the side walls:

Alongside the transporting of the capsstones there is also information here on the transporting of the quarrystones and the Pyramidion, as well as the necessary stairways. The methods developed by the author can also be applied here.

Transport der Decksteine

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