The Tricks Of The Pyramid Builders

The Surveying and Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids – by Eckart Unterberger

I hold the peg.

I grasp the handle of the club

and grip the measuring cord with the goddess Safex-Abui

I turn my eyes to the movements of the stars.

I send forth my gaze to the Bull´s thigh (the Great Bear).

I count off time, I watch the clock,

I establish the four corners of your temple.

Inscription at the temple of Edfu

The Pyramid of Cheops – a wonder of precision

Side length: 230.37 m, greatest deviation in length: 4 cm.

Deviation of the north-south axis: 2.8‘, a mere 19 cm over a total of 230 m.

Deviation of the base from the horizontal: 2 cm.

Deviation of the corners from the right angle: 1‘, a mere 7 cm over 230 m.

The sloping sides meet exactly in the middle of the Pyramid at a height of 146 m


© 2009 Eckart Unterberger