The Tricks Of The Pyramid Builders

The Surveying and Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids – by Eckart Unterberger


Previous methods and findings under discussion

My new methods and findings

All the various ramp models have proved to be unfeasible in practice. It is equally impossible to transport the huge number of stone blocks to such heights with lifting gear. The crucial question has however never been asked and that is – were the stones laid from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside?

a. The pyramids themselves are ramps.

b. The stones were moved from the inside to the outside.

c. The stones were simultaneously transported over the flanks that served as ramps.

As archeological findings prove, the stones were laid from the inside to the outside. This makes all previous theories null and void. The only method of moving the stones to higher positions is that of direct transportation via the flanks. That is why the pyramids were not only able to, but also had to, take the form of a ramp, if their construction was going to be completed.


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